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Roatan to La Ceiba Ferry Service
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Roatan to La Ceiba Ferry Service

Welcome to Roatan Ferry

Safe Way Maritime provides ferry service between the island of Roatan and the port city of La Ceiba. The ferry has been so successful that today it is the most important and cost-effective means of transportation between Roatan and the mainland of Honduras,carrying both passengers and cargo.

Getting to Roatan via ferry is cheaper and more reliable than regional flights between Roatan and the mainland. Flights may be cancelled because airplanes are not full enough, but the Roatan Ferry travels on schedules without the need to complete passenger capacity, whatever the state of the weather. The fact that schedules are respected enables you to more easily plan your trip for business or pleasure.

Video Tour of the Galaxy Wave

The Ferry

Named the Galaxy Wave, the La Ceiba/Roatan Ferry is a 152 foot long catamaran yacht that provides security, comfort and luxury. With capacity for 460 passengers, there are 250 seats for regular ticket holders, available in the lower air-conditioned cabin. Outside, an additional 150 seats are available on the second level for those who enjoy the outdoors, and first class passengers can enjoy excellent views from one of the 60 seats on the Galaxy Wave's second floor.

Getting to Roatan or La Ceiba takes approximately one hour and ten minutes on the ferry, and all passengers must pass a security check before boarding. Our item restrictions are similar to those of an airline, so be sure to check out our FAQ page (HYPERLINK TO FAQ PAGE) with a list of what you can and can't bring on-board. A concession on the ferry offers snacks and drinks, and entertainment is also available at the terminals and on-board.

The Terminals

Our new Roatan ferry terminal is easily accessible, located in the center of the island. More space has allowed us to improve baggage handling, and the new facility also enables us to offer ample free parking, unlike the old terminal that was previously located adjacent to the street in Coxen Hole. Unfortunately we are not able to offer free parking at the La Ceiba ferry terminal, situated in the main Muelle de Cabotaje port, but paid parking is available as an option. The terminal is also just a short taxi ride from the city center and the Hedman Alas bus station.

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