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Planning For Your Vacation

By now you’ve made a plan to visit Roatan, the largest of the Bay Islands, lying just over 30 miles from the northern coast of mainland Honduras.

Roatan has become recognized as a hot spot in the western Caribbean, gaining the attention of cruise lines and resorts. But its main claim to fame is its geographical positioning, perched atop the world’s second largest barrier reef and one of the most diverse in the world, home to as many as 800 different types of fish.

Roatan is known for its world famous scuba diving. But this is also an island where you can see sea turtles, swim with dolphins, go to an Iguana farm, and even swim with whale sharks.

You’ll want to visit West Bay for the shopping, restaurants and night life as well as some of the best snorkeling you’ll find anywhere in the Caribbean.

Once you’re done in the water, you may want to swing in the treetops on one of the island’s many zip line tours where you’ll be able to see indigenous life, from iguanas to parrots, monkeys to macaws.

There’s magnificent fishing, boat rides and parasailing. You can rent paddleboards and kayaks to take advantage of the peaceful waters in many of the bays surrounding Roatan, or explore ancient mangroves.

Roatan has a mild climate year round with warm sea temperatures especially if you’re from other more chilly areas of the world.

Exchanging Currency
Honduras uses the Lempira, but you can also use USD throughout the island.

Local Transportation
There are water and land taxis that can shuttle you around various parts of the island. You can also rent a car, though the winding roads of Roatan really lend themselves to using moped or scooter.

Medical services
Across the island of Roatan there are four separate medical services facilities. Any local resident or staff of the many fine resort hotels on the island will be able to help you find medical assistance.

If you’re staying at a condo, beach house or just want to find ingredients for a great picnic, there are grocery stores across Roatan, mainly around Coxen Hole and the West End.